Bridesmaid Etiquette

As a bride planning a wedding, it can be difficutl to choose your bridesmaids for several reasons.  One reasons is that it may be challenging to ask a close friend to take on such an expense.  As a wedding planner in Santa Barbara, ( I have seen many brides struggle with this.  Here is some advice:

Usually bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, and travel expenses. To avoid issues on this aspect, it is wise for the bridesmaids to discuss the financial side with the bride beforehand. If someone accepts and then changes their mind, apart from personal illness, a family emergency, or unavoidable work demand, it is not acceptable. Keep in mind that some circumstances are unavoidable however.


Thinking About Adding Color to Your Wedding?

As one of the leading wedding planners in Los Angeles, I believe that a wedding color scheme is very important.  If a couple desires a pop of color in their wedding there are many tips I give them.  To visit my website click here.  Here are just a few:

Chairs – At your wedding venue, chairs are mostly what everyone sees.  While you may think that chairs are always ordinary and plain, this is not true.  Why not use your chairs to create a pop of color.  Although difficult to find without help from a wedding planner, colored chairs can add energy to your venue.  If you can’t find colored chairs, try looking for colored chair covers.  This will also add color that your guests will appreciate. 

Bridesmaids – No matter how many bridesmaids you have, it is important to have them look their best.  The dress you choose will be in many photographs for years to come.  If you want to bring in a bright color, try finding bridesmaids dressing that match your color scheme.  Doing this will also help your dress stand out among your bridal party.

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Confusing Wedding Terms Defined

Terms like, “charger,” or, “tablescape,” deem confusing to many brides who have never planned a wedding. 

When wedding planners refer to the “charger” they are talking about a decorative plate that sits under the main dinner plate.  The “Charger” is used to incorporate style and theme into most place settings. 

Another term brides often here is “tablescape.”  Sounds complicated , but simply means the center piece. 

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Color Themes For Your Invitations

Ever thought about choosing a black and white motif for you wedding invitations?  This color scheme will give your guests a great first impression of what to expect from your wedding.  Black and white together always makes for a memorable design and will impact anyone who receives it.  You might think about a custom wax seal that overrides layers of the letterpress prints.  This will give your invitation an extra push towards elegance.  For more tips and tricks about planning your wedding check out one of the best wedding planners in Los Angeles’s blog here: 

Top Trends in Wedding Gowns

White has always been the color for a traditional wedding dress, but times are changing.  Many brides are now opting for a wedding dress of color like pink or gold.  Gold wedding dresses are extremely popular these days because it can be subtle and symbolizes many things in many cultures.  Gold can symbolize success, wealth, prosperity, and children.  Golf can also be used as a accent color on a white dress and can be combined with other natural hues.

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Social Media For Weddings

Many wedding planners are suggested to the bride and groom to use social media to promote their wedding and make it easy to collect photos.  If a couple creates a custom hashtag (#sarahandjohnswedding) it will allow them to view all photos taken by the guests at the ceremony and reception.  This gives the bride and groom a look into their wedding from the guests perspective.  There are other ways to use social media as well.

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Eco Friendly Weddings

Having an eco friendly or, “green,” wedding is becoming more and popular.  Many wedding vendors are offering products and services that can be used for this particular theme.  There are so many ways to help save the environment by planning your wedding accordingly.  Things like invitations and giveaway items are easy examples of ways to go, “green.” Also, anything made of paper can be replaced with recycled paper to give it a unique look and help our planet.

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