Bridesmaid Etiquette

As a bride planning a wedding, it can be difficutl to choose your bridesmaids for several reasons.  One reasons is that it may be challenging to ask a close friend to take on such an expense.  As a wedding planner in Santa Barbara, ( I have seen many brides struggle with this.  Here is some advice:

Usually bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, and travel expenses. To avoid issues on this aspect, it is wise for the bridesmaids to discuss the financial side with the bride beforehand. If someone accepts and then changes their mind, apart from personal illness, a family emergency, or unavoidable work demand, it is not acceptable. Keep in mind that some circumstances are unavoidable however.


Color Themes For Your Invitations

Ever thought about choosing a black and white motif for you wedding invitations?  This color scheme will give your guests a great first impression of what to expect from your wedding.  Black and white together always makes for a memorable design and will impact anyone who receives it.  You might think about a custom wax seal that overrides layers of the letterpress prints.  This will give your invitation an extra push towards elegance.  For more tips and tricks about planning your wedding check out one of the best wedding planners in Los Angeles’s blog here: 

Social Media For Weddings

Many wedding planners are suggested to the bride and groom to use social media to promote their wedding and make it easy to collect photos.  If a couple creates a custom hashtag (#sarahandjohnswedding) it will allow them to view all photos taken by the guests at the ceremony and reception.  This gives the bride and groom a look into their wedding from the guests perspective.  There are other ways to use social media as well.

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