Kim & Kanye’s Wedding Invitation Has Arrived

Check out this article we found:

Kim and Kanye reportedly secured their marriage license in California last week. But, that’s not the piece of paper we’re most excited about. 

Behold: The Kimye wedding invitation. And, just 100 people received them. The ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 24th in Paris. The only other hard facts guests have received are dress code and rehearsal dinner time. 

Last month, a source told Us Weekly that many of the details would be kept under raps. “Guests won’t know the venue until they get to Paris,” the source revealed, noting that the bride-to-be hasn’t even shared the location of the wedding with her sisters. 

The details may remain secret for now, but don’t let the minimalist design of the invitation fool you. If the Kimye proposal is any indication, you can expect the wedding to be a grandiose affair. (Us Weekly


Bridesmaid Etiquette

As a bride planning a wedding, it can be difficutl to choose your bridesmaids for several reasons.  One reasons is that it may be challenging to ask a close friend to take on such an expense.  As a wedding planner in Santa Barbara, ( I have seen many brides struggle with this.  Here is some advice:

Usually bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, and travel expenses. To avoid issues on this aspect, it is wise for the bridesmaids to discuss the financial side with the bride beforehand. If someone accepts and then changes their mind, apart from personal illness, a family emergency, or unavoidable work demand, it is not acceptable. Keep in mind that some circumstances are unavoidable however.