Real life story – Wedding planner plans her own wedding – Emma Davidson (nee Eccleston)

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There aren’t many brides-to-be who are late walking down the aisle because they are too busy tweeting another man, but Emma Eccleston, now Davidson, is one of the guilty few.

 Emma, 31, who lives in Inskip, near Preston, is a self confessed Formula One fanatic and her obsession was so great that her F1 hero 
David Coulthard was the inspiration behind her traditional “something blue” on her wedding day.

Emma explains: “I had my wedding shoes personalised and they were my ‘something blue’ and hand-made and customised.

“They had photographs of David Coulthard all over them and as he drives for Red Bull, they had the Red Bull logo all over them – which is blue.

“So in effect, my hero walked me down the aisle!

“I was so impressed with my wedding shoes, I took photos of them and tweeted them to David Coulthard on the morning of my wedding.

“I was actually late going down the aisle because I was so occupied with tweeting him.

“But David Coulthard did not tweet me back. He broke my heart on my wedding day!”

Luckily for Emma, her groom-to-be is also a massive F1 fan and the theme featured heavily in their wedding with the tables named after racing drivers – the top table naturally being Coulthard – the wedding cake featuring icing racing cars and stainless steel depictions of their favourite racing cars adorning the walls.

And the couple chose to get married at Emma’s workplace Stanley House as not only is it somewhere where Emma feels totally at ease and like she is in her second home, the venue holds a special place in their hearts as it is where they met seven years ago.

Emma recalls: “I was working here as a wedding planner and Iain started working in accounts in 2007.

“I wasn’t looking for a man at the time and I didn’t have a clue Iain liked me.

“I only found out during the Best Man’s speech on our wedding day that Iain had been plucking the courage up to ask me for weeks before he actually did it.

“It all started when he sent me a text message asking me what I was doing that weekend and I told him I was wallpapering.

“His response was, ‘What kind of gentleman would I be if I let you do that? Join me for a drink instead’.

“At the time, it seemed very casual so I thought it was just two friends going for a drink. But it ended up being a date.


Thinking About Adding Color to Your Wedding?

As one of the leading wedding planners in Los Angeles, I believe that a wedding color scheme is very important.  If a couple desires a pop of color in their wedding there are many tips I give them.  To visit my website click here.  Here are just a few:

Chairs – At your wedding venue, chairs are mostly what everyone sees.  While you may think that chairs are always ordinary and plain, this is not true.  Why not use your chairs to create a pop of color.  Although difficult to find without help from a wedding planner, colored chairs can add energy to your venue.  If you can’t find colored chairs, try looking for colored chair covers.  This will also add color that your guests will appreciate. 

Bridesmaids – No matter how many bridesmaids you have, it is important to have them look their best.  The dress you choose will be in many photographs for years to come.  If you want to bring in a bright color, try finding bridesmaids dressing that match your color scheme.  Doing this will also help your dress stand out among your bridal party.

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