Scheana Marie Is Engaged? Vanderpump Rules Star Talks Wedding Plans And Music Career!

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Delusion: party of one. Make that 2! Scheana Marie is possibly engaged and that calls for celebration – and the release of a new song, “Good as Gold.” Is she talking about friendships or engagement rings?

The Vanderpump Rules star describes her future fiance as “no drama” and says that’s what makes him bad for reality TV. “We just work,” she gushes to OK Magazine. She beams when she starts talking about Shay, which is cute. Maybe there is something sincere about Scheana after all!

Shay’s other perk: “He’s faithful.”



“I was close to single for five years,” Scheana says of her life pre-Shay. “It’s really close to impossible to meet a good quality guy in LA.” Case in point: Jax Taylor! “I always knew I would want to marry a guy from back home. Someone who has the same values as me and is very family oriented.” Does that include homewrecking?

As for future wedding plans, Scheana reveals “We definitely talk about it, but you’ll see!” Scheana says she would not have SUR cater her wedding, but she would have Lisa Vanderpump handle the bar – including stocking her new LVP Sangria line and Villa Blanca wine.

Other than possible wedding plans, Scheana talks music. “I’m still working on my music. I’m doing some other stuff on my own outside of the show with a little more of a hip hop feel.” Shay is actually producing some of Scheana’s new stuff and they are also working with another SUR employee who is also a DJ.

Aaaaand lucky for us Scheana just released a new single, Good as Good. “It’s a very catchy, upbeat, song,” Scheana says comparing it to Ke$ha. “It’ll definitely get stuck in your head!”

If you’re willing to take the risk of getting Scheana stuck in your head, her new song is below!


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