How to Read Body Language Book

This book on how to read body language on Amazon is a great and simple read. Check out the link here:

If you want to sharper your skills on how to read body language I highly recommend reading this book.

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how to read body language book


How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally Book

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally Book review–Are you looking to lose belly fat? Look no further. This new book on Amazon gives great advice on losing belly fat the healthy way (

With so many crash and fad diets out there, how do you know what will work? Luckily, this book is full of useful information that will help you create the best diet plan uniquely tailored to your needs.

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How to Attract Men Book Review

On Amazon I foudn the How to attract men: Tips on what men want book here:
And I must say it was really cool to learn the psychology of how men and women think.

Plus learning about how to attract the right kind of man and how to treat him so he stays around was eye opening for me because it is very simple yet very overlooked the advice that this book gives.

Overall thumbs up!

how to attract men

Chic & Stylish:: WEDDING DÉCOR TRENDS FOR 2013

Read this article we found: 


It’s June and wedding season is well under way.  With the explosion of social media, we are exposed to so many creative wedding ideas. Pinterest has made this even easier.  Couples are more informed than ever, and Designers are kept on their toes.  A good thing for the industry, I believe.

Last year’s Royal Wedding definitely influenced wedding décor bringing classic glamour and luxury back into the space.  And we can expect to see more.  As the economy bounces back, we are seeing more luxury details in decor.  From laser cut stationary to textured linens, like this gorgeous one by La Tavola Linen.

Speaking of linens, prints are huge.  Chevron kicked off the pattern surge, and others are being introduced to the scene: honeycomb, gingham, quatrefoil, and my new favorite, the rising sun pattern.  Mixing patterns and textures are more and more popular as well.


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What do Dreams Mean? Dream Book

What do dreams mean- A Dream Book on How to Interpret Dreams book review–Dreams are the only way that your subconscious
communicates. When you go to sleep your brain awakens. This book
called, “What do Dreams Mean,”
gives numerous examples of dream sequences that could mean something.

There are chapters on dream symbols, the history of dream
interpretation, etc.

This book is a must read if you are looking to understand your dreams.

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what do dreams mean

How to Play Poker -for Beginners

Book review: How to play poker by Troy Smith–Poker can be a confusing game if you have never played it.
It isn’t easily taught, and can be tricky. This book called, “How to
Play Poker,” gives simple instructions on how to play a successful game

“How to Play Poker,” covers everything from the suits of the cards to
winning the most money.

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winning at poker

how to play poker

How to Plan a Wedding

How to Plan a Wedding Book Review: This informative book will give you advice on all aspects
of the wedding planning process

Decisions like budget, the wedding venue, vows, the wedding ring,
flowers, etc. can be difficult to make. An engaged couple should
discuss options together and then choose which option is best for them.
There are many chapters in this book, “How to Plan a Wedding,” that
focus on specific decisions that need to be made. The information given
can be used to guide you through your wedding planning process from
beginning to end.

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Unusual Wedding Gowns

Click this link to view the 10 most unusual wedding gowns:,,20706112,00.html

Social Media For Weddings

Many wedding planners are suggested to the bride and groom to use social media to promote their wedding and make it easy to collect photos.  If a couple creates a custom hashtag (#sarahandjohnswedding) it will allow them to view all photos taken by the guests at the ceremony and reception.  This gives the bride and groom a look into their wedding from the guests perspective.  There are other ways to use social media as well.

To learn more about this wedding planner in Los Angeles’s wedding ideas click the link.


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April 10, 2012 | hints, tips & advice, inspiration, musings, planning, unique ideas, wedding experts

So I’ve realised that I don’t really talk about wedding food much…

I’m usually too busy ooohing and ahhing over wedding dresses, hairstyles and dreamy photography.

My lack of food posts may have something to do with my own undomestic goddess ways. Shockingly I haven’t even used the cooker in our apartment yet…and it’s been a month since we moved!

Despite my shortcomings in the kitchen, I can appreciate that good food is a big, important, joyous part of any wedding celebration! (I may not be able to cook but I’m very good at eating. Cake is my speciality.)

So when food design and event management company, Tapenade offered to share their thoughts on wedding catering trends in 2012, I jumped at the chance to feature some of their delicious food and expert advice.

Creativity is the key for weddings this year.  With a high demand for more personalised options, dishes are deliciously fun!  What’s more, formal sit-down meals are out – this year it’s all about informal dining.

John Hearn, Executive Chef at Tapenade offers his suggestions for what’s on the menu for 2012:

1.     Relax and enjoy! 

Informal dining options such as buffets, bowl food and rustic platters are shaping up to be hot this year.  These all give guests the freedom to move around and enjoy proceedings, making for a more relaxed atmosphere. Remember, the key is to include a good mix of meat, fish and vegetarian options to accommodate all guests. 

Popular choices for bowl food include slow cooked rump of lamb with red onion and cardamom, honey roasted pumpkin and toasted seeds; roasted red snapper with walnut and coriander potatoes; sliced chicken simmered in coconut with lime chilli, coriander and lemongrass with sticky rice. 

Why not give guests a different experience with a chopping board served to each table with ready carved meat – charcuterie style!  Or serve tender racks of pork, or lemon and lime chicken with a variety of side dishes that guests can help themselves to.

2.     Retro food chic

Reinvent classic dishes and pay homage to your childhood favourites, with a fresh twist.  Think pie & mash, mini sirloin hamburgers, bangers and mash, or fish and chips all made from local produce.


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