Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

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Summer is the season of fun and a beach wedding is a perfect way to get in the mood! They can be bohemian, chic, urban, elegant, nautical, or even some theme that has no relation to the setting. No matter your style, use your setting to the maximum with a few of these helpful tips.

To begin, think about the kind of mood you want to create and the formality of the event. A black tie event will have entirely different decorations than a casual affair.

A black tie event will probably take place alongside a deck that sits alongside the ocean or beneath a massive tent to keep your guests comfortable in their formalwear. For this type of event, consider scouting out some nautical touches such as navy blue stripes for your napkins and other linens, as well as elegant sailboat-inspired décor such as sailboat tea light holders and nautical knots for chair decorations. You could also add some compasses and charts as decorations and use little sailboats as place card holders.

For a more casual wedding, a bucket of flip flops could provide some comfort from the hot sand. You could add some bohemian touches by using some fishing nets in your decorations along with starfish and tropical flowers like stargazer lilies. For the lighting, set up some hurricane glasses filled with sand and candles to light your aisle. Gather old colorful bottles and use them as candle holders for your tables. Tie some twine or thin rope around the middle for a seafaring touch.

Some round paper lanterns provide the perfect amount of lighting for a beach party and you can light the way to your beach fiesta with some tiki torches. For a more tropical wedding, scatter some sand along your table top and accent it with seashells and flowers. Your favors can be personalized seashells orcoconut candles with a favor tag attached to them. You can also set up some surf boards alongside trees and use them as a photo prop.

Your beach wedding favors can be anything from vintage compasses adorned with a favor tag to a bag of seashells or even a mini palm tree that can later be planted. Any of these can be used to accent your tables and paired with other items such as flip flop coasters and beach themed personalized napkins. You can also use mini favor pails to house some custom cookies or some candy like lifesavers.

Don’t forget to set up some shady spots with open tents, fabric draped over trees, or even via paper parasols. Finally, finish off the scene with some exotic flowers and a spot alongside the water for dancing. This will be one beach party your guests are sure to remember.


Eco Friendly Weddings

Having an eco friendly or, “green,” wedding is becoming more and popular.  Many wedding vendors are offering products and services that can be used for this particular theme.  There are so many ways to help save the environment by planning your wedding accordingly.  Things like invitations and giveaway items are easy examples of ways to go, “green.” Also, anything made of paper can be replaced with recycled paper to give it a unique look and help our planet.

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My Top 30 Wedding Theme Ideas

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Modern Filipino brides now opt for a wedding with a specific theme. Ironically, our wedding was theme-less. What we had for our wedding was just a color theme of plum, gold and champagne because those are my favorite colors and I think they’re pretty elegant and classy.

But if we can do our wedding all over again, I would definitely pick out a specific wedding theme. A theme makes a wedding more personal, more coordinated and definitely more beautiful!

So how does one arrive with a wedding theme?

First and foremost, the couple should decide which type of wedding theme suit their personalities and lifestyle. Once they’ve picked their theme, it’s a lot easier to coordinate the invitation, styling, favors, flowers, dresses, menu, music and all the other items required when it revolves around a specific theme.

Below are some possible wedding themes and ideas that I have gathered online which you can use for your own wedding. I have listed them in no particular order.

1. Cherry Blossoms 

Cherry blossom is the unofficial national flower of Japan. (“Sakura” is the Japanese name for cherry tree.).  This beautiful Japanese flower can range in colors from white to a pale pink to dark pink.

Since cherry blossoms are naturally delicate, I would suggest you keep your wedding details simple and fresh. For your guest table centerpieces, you can use tall white vases with only a couple of cherry blossom branches inside.

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